About Us


With over 30 years’ experience in the fields of Education, Therapy and Health & Wellbeing Irene Tubbs founded the Centre for Optimum Wellbeing to demonstrate how a personalised ‘holistic’ self-help approach to living can re-ignite the innate human trait of ‘self-determination’. Rekindling ‘self-empowering belief “I can help myself to be healthier and happier. I can control what I choose to do”.

There are six main headings to review:

  1. Children/teenagers/young adults – also relevant for parents wishing to support their children
  2. Adults
  3. Professionals/students
  4. Learning options for professionals/carers/support-workers working with children
  5. eBooks and C/ds
  6. Centre contact

The first and second options provide access to free self-help information providing personalised ‘seeds’ of knowledge which when repeatedly practiced ‘grow’ into health & wellbeing self-empowering motivators enabling an individual to attain desired life changes and access to either one to one coaching or therapy programs.

The third, fourth and fifth options are designed for professionals/students interested in learning about and purchasing a series of professional Health & Wellbeing Coaching, theory and active practice eBooks.

The sixth option provides ‘contact’ access to the centre.

The most effective use of this site is to ‘select’ an appropriate heading and review the stages as detailed, for example under ‘Adult’ heading you can access a range of files providing information on

  • lifestyle inhibitors known to affect a person’s health alongside self-help research based techniques known to improve health and wellbeing
  • understanding difference between coaching; therapy, a group workshop or an eBook in order to decide which would be the best option for you.

All one to one work takes place in a safe, relaxing countryside environment based in Farningham in Kent which is easily accessible from the M25 (junction 3 – three minutes from centre), M20, M2, A20, and A2 and main line trains from Victoria to Swanley (30 mins from central London).