Changing Health inhibiting beliefs and pratices into self-chosen Health enhancing alternatives.

Alongside this opening page are a series of side bar links.

The first provides a ‘general’ overview of what encourages a person in our society today, to develop unhealthy beliefs & behaviours which they subsequently find difficult to manage or change.

The second assists you to ‘personally’ review what has in the past, can, or is currently affecting your health and wellbeing.

Both provide clues to aspects of your lifestyle you want to change, which is the first motivational step needed to achieve your aims.

The remaining nine files contain ‘evidenced based’ self-empowering health & wellbeing tools. Tools known to foster motivated resolve to maintain desired change through persistent practice. In essence you strengthen your inner resilience, (“ability to recover from life’s difficulties”).

Each file contains two sections:

Section one: Explains the specific health inhibitor and how it is known to fuel entrenched habits and beliefs which affect a person’s health and wellbeing. Read the EVIDENCE carefully, because understanding is the first knowledge seed on your journey towards a healthier and happier life as it assists you to make sense of a situation that is bothering you.

Section two: Explores a constructive health enhancing program containing a range of evidence based self-empowering personalised tools designed to assist a person to change or more effectively manage any such health inhibitors.

Please Note:  Whilst these processes for clarity of understanding are individually identified as separate skills, all also naturally interlink with elements of other health enhancing strategies e.g. stress management tools remove barriers which hinder a relaxed state and a relaxed state provides calmness needed to deal with rising pressure.

If after reading some or all of these files you feel there are aspects you would like to review but are unsure whether therapy, coaching, a workshop or an eBook is best for you, click on side heading ” difference between therapy, coaching or a workshop which explains the differences of each approach. You can also click on the side bar to read ‘evaluations’ from individuals who have previously attended therapy, coaching or a workshop

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Life is about Living to the happiest and healthiest you can

Happiness is strengthened by how healthy you feel, physically, emotionally and mentally, which naturally stimulate healthy behaviours.

With practice, over time linking together,

‘Like pieces of a puzzle, selectively chosen to form a personalized healthy picture of me’