Course Attendees Evaluation

Please note these evaluations cover a range of Health & Wellbeing courses

  1. The 2 day Primary Certificate course covered much more material than I expected for a ‘primary’ certificate. Irene delivered the training in a way that allowed me to really grasp the model she was presenting to us; I really appreciate her ‘down to earth’ style. Although clearly passionate about her work, she is not dogmatic and demonstrated an openness to the ideas of others. For me – this validates what I already know and allows a filtering of new ideas to settle rather than coming away feeling de-skilled (which has happened on other trainings that I have attended!)
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, ten out of ten for me. Look forward to the next module
  3. The practical element of working through the whole multi-modal assessment really consolidated the learning for me, and although quite intensive, I learnt a great deal – not only professionally – but also about my own patterns of behaviour and thinking! I will definitely be integrating this way of working into my existing practice and following up on some of my own personal areas for development. Thank you!
  4. I really enjoyed the course very informative 
  5. Enjoyable, good two days – correct balance of theory and practice
  6. Very thorough enjoyed experiential element. Awareness of process self greatly improved.
  7. Found Irene approachable, friendly and warm. Knowledgeable about the topic, great presentation skills. I had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop having learnt some new relaxation techniques 
  8. Excellent trainer, informative, fun and engaging! Thank you
  9. Very interesting, illuminating & instructive. I now realise what a huge area this is and that we’ve only just started to touch it. 
  10. Very good and friendly atmosphere. A lot to learn and really well conveyed through practical examples and role plays 
  11. Irene had a lovely calming approach & explained the cognitive-behavioural/holistic approach. Exercise taught well. 
  12. Very informative course that enables you with the skills and confidence to allow others and yourself to relax 
  13. Great course, really helped me, I felt so relaxed 
  14. Much better understanding of the importance of deep breathing, will practice it often 
  15. Excellent course, would recommend to others 
  16. Using imagery with relaxation really surprised me as I was able to feel relaxed for longer 
  17. Liked all the processes , think breathing would be good for all clients 
  18. It was a lovely course and so useful to me personally and I think in my practice with clients 
  19. You asked for a grading out of ten, but ten was too low a number, it was fantastic and I gave you a 12+ 
  20. So many things on this course which I can use to make a difference straight away 
  21. This will help me to manage my time better. 
  22. Liked the exercise of creating one image for the group (voting out what didn’t suit people – think very democratic and empowering when a shared image was used later). 
  23. Really appreciated your sense of humour, your willingness to share your knowledge and ideas and your ability to respond to the group. Wish we could have used music – was disappointed 
  24. Fundamental change in my understanding of the relationship between relaxation and imagery 
  25. Breathing is something that people dismiss as ordinary, but I have experienced it as very powerful in the last two days. 
  26. I will be incorporating your ideas and approaches to relaxation into my own work with confidence 
  27. Very good pace. Information/theory just right. I feel a great sense of personal achievement and have learned skills to use in my work and to build on for the future. 
  28. A course which has motivated me to add lots of new processes to the relaxation I know. It was very therapeutic course, gentle and healing. More than achieved the goals I was aiming for 
  29. Good pace, helpful feedback sessions. I hadn’t actually wanted to do this course but was pleasantly surprise and will use relaxation in future 
  30. I learnt a lot more than I was expecting. (health & wellbeing coaching) 
  31. Would have liked a bit more on the underlying physiological mechanism effects of stress on heart lung etc. Generally however found the tools useful & practice of breathing/imagery techniques. 
  32. Comprehensive level of study – really enjoyed learning about hits /hibs/hips and the Enhancing equivalents. Found mix of information useful. Particularly valued experimental examples given/used by tutor.
  33. Very useful course. Examples given were really helpful. Trainer was very open to questions and answered every question very well. 
  34. Very good value for 2 days – broad scope covered in resource book and examples used. Enjoyed the student mixture of disciplines, provided good mix of examples. 
  35. I found the format very engaging and easy to follow. The interactivity of the examples consolidated the theory very well. Although there seemed a lot of theory it showed very comprehensively what a vast area the multimodal approach is. I enjoyed the course very much and am looking forward to the next one. 
  36. I feel I understand the reasons more clearly that patients may feel upset when attending a medical appointment 
  37. Had previous knowledge but you have expanded it. 
  38. Irene has excellent delivery skills. She managed to bring the subject to life, balancing between theory and practice throughout the course. She also has an excellent disposition which was invaluable in helping the group to blend in well. 
  39. Very good introduction to the concept of REBT coaching and the differences/similarities of therapy vs coaching 
  40. Well presented, made it very clear 
  41. Addressed Individual questions 7 needs. Had flexible broad based approach. Excellent day 
  42. Got a lot of useful information from course. Gained valuable insight into how coaching can be applied in health sphere. Would have like more information on how to develop coaching practice if not experienced in this area. 
  43. I really did learn something today. It was well worth attending. 
  44. I would tell others it was worth coming if you want to deal with stress 
  45. I learnt so many things I can use to make a difference straight away 
  46. This workshop helped me to see that I can manage my time better by prioritising and valuing myself for what I do. 
  47. I would recommend the course, it has been very useful. It is good to know that stress is normal and that how I think can help to reduce it. 
  48. I have a better understanding of stress and how to deal with it. 
  49. Irene thanks for a great course. I’ve got so much out of this on a personal level and to use in my professional practice. I can see this might take me in a new career direction. 
  50. Excellent course – good group as well. 
  51. I found the check list excellent because you can see the whole process clearly set out, you feel more in control 
  52. Stress at work has been answered but also understood the importance of relaxation in everyday life not only for my better wellbeing, but also for an improved quality of life for those around me 
  53. Most useful was knowing I have an opportunity to make choices 
  54. That we all have choices – felt as if I didn’t before this course 
  55. Understanding/visualising the physical/chemical reaction of stress is related to the way I think 
  56. Learning that I am in control of what I choose to do. Understanding brain chemicals was very interesting
  57. De-awfulizing – understanding the need to look at the bigger picture of what I’m going through as part of my life not the focus of it.