Health and Wellbeing Coaching

HealthWellbeingSmallHealth and Wellbeing Coaching: Practitioner’s Guide

This practitioner’s (90,000 word) guide demonstrates an ‘eclectic’ health & wellbeing coaching protocol from which to build and maintain resilience using research based modalities and action focussed life skills to deter ambivalence and strengthen motivated beliefs (resolve). Ultimately servicing multi-faceted client needs as both preparatory and secondary preventative health & wellbeing strategies to use independently, or as support for orthodox medicine. Presented in two separate but interlinking client/coach models, namely:

Three stage Coach focussed model promoting skill based training alongside research gathering to inform resilient practice.

Stage 1:  Essential Health & Wellbeing Coaching skills apliable within Therapy, Coaching & Training

Stage 2: Research: informing practice by testing theoretical propositions about processes underlying clinical problems and their modifications, thus supporting or otherwise such theoretical premises’.

Stage 3: Theory based practices delivering resilience options to clients, whilst also promoting coach self-practice’.

Three stage Client focussed model:

Stage 1: Assessment: Information gathering using Motivational Interviewing techniques within a Multi-Modal Health & Wellbeing diagnostic profiler to ascertain client focussed agendas by establishing ambivalent beliefs/practices which inhibit resolve

Stage 2: Disputing ambivalence and motivating action using an extensive range of physical, emotional, behavioural, sensorial and psychological, health enhancing resilient practices

Stage 3: Client evaluated practice demonstrating clarity of understanding/belief and desire to activate and maintain desired change.

Whilst this books main focus is working with adults, it is clear health changes activated by parents will undoubtedly influence and motivate children’s behaviours and beliefs as they advance towards adulthood.

The content of this book also underpins and supports a diploma course in Health & Wellbeing Coaching, Counselling and Training and a range of two day CPD training days. If after reading you are interested in learning more, log onto the training heading of this web site to download training brochures.