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Creative Relaxation in Groupwork (Creative Activities in Groupwork)
June 30, 1997 – sixth edition 2010

With more than 100 activities this book offers a goldmine of techniques and processes for activating a person’s genetic/biological inner healer/calmer, known as ‘The Relaxation Response’.
This unique text discusses the benefits of relaxation, covers both theoretical and practical relaxation methods, constructive guidelines for good practice and actual workshop themes.
Expanding on a range of self-help processes to relax the mind, work on the body, integrate systems for mind and body harmony, focus on muscular relaxation, promote concentration, increase sensory awareness and activate bodily healing.

Section 1:

  • The benefits of Relaxation

Section 2:

  • Methods of Achieving Relaxation

Section 3:

  • Guidelines for Good Practice

Section 4:

  • Practical Workshop Ideas
    • Warm-up
    • Main theme
    • Relax down


  • Alternative therapies
  • Bibliography
  • Audio-visual aids


  • Alphabetical list of activities