Health & Wellbeing Coaching & RECBE

For many years provison of evidenced based Training has been an integral and central part of the options offered by the Centre of Optimum Wellbeing to professionals or students who currently work with or wish to work with Adults or Children.

PROFESSIONALS working with ADULTS had access to:

A range of individual Certificated CPD options designed to combine into Advance & Diploma Level courses in Health & Wellbeing Coaching. A program recognised by the Association of Coaching.

Irene will be retiring in 2020 and therefore new student access to the centre based Diploma in Health & Wellbeing Coaching has now closed. HOWEVER as so many interested students and professionals still contact Irene declaring interest in Health & Wellbeing Coaching, she has put together

The Health & Wellbeing Coaching Series of ten practitioner theory & self-training resilience building programs”

Its format designed and delivered as a series of eBooks so that the reader can print off sections to work on, as they connect theory within to active self-practice e.g.

Primary Book 1 “Introduction to Health & Wellbeing Coaching” is now available to purchase at low cost (my parting gift to all like minded helpers) by emailing or on Amazon


Core principles of H & W Coaching

Core skills of a H & W Coach:

Employment opportunities as a Coach:

Professional & Client focused information gathering tools explored using self-assessment practices, multi-dimensional health & wellbeing profiler & motivational interviewing skills

Book 2 is now under production – all further book reviews will be available under articles and purchased under eBook heading

H& W Coaching series is underpinned by evidenced based ‘self-empowering models’ – Cognitive Behavioural – Rational Emotive Behavioural – Multi-Modal – Core Counselling Skills – Stress Management & Health focussed programs.

If unsure if such a program is relevant for you, email and she will send you the latest brochure detailing content of the full Health & Wellbeing eBook series.

Premise for Health & Wellbeing Coaching has been published in a number of professional journals, plus you can access the following separate articles to read now:

Link 1: Counsellors
Link 2: Stress management practitioners


I developed a new program for children called RECBE (Rational, emotive, cognitive, behavioural education) for professionals working with children/teenager/young adults. A program recognised by The Association of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy/Coaching. I currently deliver this program to young people on a one to one basis and to schools as an Introductory INSET course as well as a training program.

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