Regaining health after experiencing a condition that affects the heart or indeed heart surgery can feel like an uphill struggle, a life experience fuelling self-questioning as to why this happened.

Recovery initially primarily supported by medical intervention and guidance which when used alongside this self-empowering book assists a person to learn effective rehabilitative and resilience building recovery strategies. Ultimately, assisting individuals, to build personal resolve to adapt life style practices which contributed to their heart problems.

Using over thirty years’ experience of providing self-empowering, resilience building rehabilitation programs, Irene has put her knowledge and the personal experiences of those recovering from a heart condition or surgery with whom she has worked, into a self-help rehabilitation guide. Its content includes comprehensive and practical guidelines covering rehabilitation, such as post-surgical symptoms and how to breathe without hurting your wound, to the wider aspects of lifestyle management – overcoming stress and conquering habits that may have contributed to heart problems.

Shirley Hall,

British Heart Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation Manager

Having reviewed this book reported:

“This is a very useful and down to earth book, with very practical tips on how to deal with areas such as stress and anxiety. It is easy to read and understand and should be very helpful to anyone who has had a heart problem and their family.

Topics covered include:

  • Taking medication and seeing your doctor again
  • Practical issues such as work, driving, holidays
  • Coping with emotions and stress
  • Using the power of the mind to stimulate a healthy immune system
  • A step by step rehabilitation programme including detailed exercises and safety tips
  • Diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation and imagery techniques to reduce tension and induce a calm state
  • How to give up smoking and stop drinking to excess
  • Develop Balanced eating habits

The message is simple: It’s never too late to make changes to improve and maintain your health and wellbeing, so start today, read this book and become your own wellness coach.

You can purchase this book at a reduced price of £5 & £1 p & p by accessing it on this site under eBooks/cCd’s main heading.

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